Michael Young Gives Writing Tips

August 3, 2013

I never got around to asking Michael for writing tips during our interview, so I’ve put together a post with his input. UBS: What is a favorite writing tip you could give our readers? Michael: My favorite writing tip is to “avoid cliche like the plague.” There are many aspects of this, including dialogue, characters, […]

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Grab It Before It Gets Away

July 1, 2013

In Loralee Leavitt’s interview, posted last week, she talked about how a child’s question led her to think of writing the book, Candy Experiments. How many of us stumble onto a great idea and then follow through with it? I’m guessing the percent is very low. All of us get multiple ideas for products, stories, […]

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Reading Develops Self

June 24, 2013

Thinking about what to post today, I related back to the videos that were posted this past week on Utah Book Scene. Julie Wright was interviewed and part of what she spoke about was people making judgements about others and how her book series (each book written from the same time period with different viewpoints) […]

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And the Moral of the Story is…

June 17, 2013

One thing Jenni talked about in her interview for readers was how she found a theme, or perhaps a moral, in the retelling of her fairly tales. This is possible and can be (and I am sure is by Jenni) done well. But any writer who has gone to a workshop or two will hear […]

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Right Brain vs. Left Brain

June 4, 2013

How many of you struggle switching gears from one side of your brain to the other? For many creative people, it is much easier to write your story, mold your clay, film your movie, than it is to keep track of the business side. If I had my druthers, I’d have an assistant following me […]

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David Farland

May 17, 2013

We interviewed close to fifty people at the Life, the Universe and Everything conference in February. I didn’t know where to begin on edits – which out of all the wonderful interviews should be first? My editor chose for me – David Farland’s interview. I thought we’d be ready to rumble by late March, if […]

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Thinking about art

April 25, 2013

“So what I finally decided was, art is simply inevitable. It was on the wall of a cave in France 30,000 years ago, and it’s because we are a species that’s driven by narrative. Art is storytelling, and we need to tell stories to pass along ideas and information, and to try and make sense […]

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Illustration By Elise Niven Black

April 23, 2013
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