Grab It Before It Gets Away

July 1, 2013

In Loralee Leavitt’s interview, posted last week, she talked about how a child’s question led her to think of writing the book, Candy Experiments. How many of us stumble onto a great idea and then follow through with it? I’m guessing the percent is very low. All of us get multiple ideas for products, stories, or other kinds of life improvements, sometimes daily. Of course, when we think them through, many of them are what my husband and I call “purple blobs” – things that look very interesting and promising, but when you think hard about the idea, it does not firm up and stays out of reach as a strange, purple blob. But some ideas are brilliant.

Many a year ago when I was struck with these ideas, I was sure if I found a buyer for my brilliant thought, I would be spending the rest of my days on my own island, enjoying the sun and the surf. Never mind that my Irish skin would be a constant shade of red, ideas are worth less than the napkin they are written on. It is bringing an idea into reality that is the hard part.

So, kudos to all of you who have taken an idea and turned it into something. Kudos if you started the process and never got it off the ground. Both take guts and determination.

My challenge to you – next time an idea flits across your brain, grab it before it gets away. Put it in your mouth (metaphorically) and chew on it for a while. If it tastes good, maybe you should go for it! I’m not telling you to mortgage your house to finance the next great mousetrap, but take your idea, step-by-step, and see if it is something you should continue. Share it when appropriate. Don’t get caught up with worries that someone will steal your brilliant idea. The people you should be sharing it with are other idea people who have taken their concept and made it happen. Most of them will have so many of their own plans, they won’t have time to bother stealing yours.

As a famous song says, “know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” But at least play the game.

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