Emily Gray Clawson and Ebooks

January 13, 2014

Emily Clawson talks her new relationship with Deseret Book and some fun ebook options she has with them.

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Emily Gray Clawson

January 9, 2014

Emily Clawson talks about Romance

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Camden Toy from Salt Lake City Comic Con

December 26, 2013

Camden Toy talks about books he is reading

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Larry Correia talks about writing

December 20, 2013

Larry Correia on the road to full-time writing

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Larry Correia and his Road to Publishing

December 17, 2013

Larry Correia began as self published

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Larry Correia finishes his 1930’s noir pulp super heroes trilogy

December 10, 2013

Larry Correia, author The Monster Hunters, among others, talks about his books

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Tito Momen talks about working with a co-writer

December 7, 2013

Tito Momen talks about How Jeff Benedict helped him tell his story

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Tito Momen, part 2, My Name Used to be Muhammed

December 2, 2013

Tito Momen talks about his book and some of his thoughts and experiences after his conversion to Christianity

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Sandra Taylor from SLC ComicCon

November 29, 2013

What is Sandra Taylor reading?

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Tito Momen, author of My Name Used To Be Muhammed

November 18, 2013

Part One of interview with Tito Momen

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