Reading Develops Self

June 24, 2013

Thinking about what to post today, I related back to the videos that were posted this past week on Utah Book Scene. Julie Wright was interviewed and part of what she spoke about was people making judgements about others and how her book series (each book written from the same time period with different viewpoints) gave the reader a perspective into other people’s lives and thought processes.

This is one of the greatest gifts reading can give. Yes, you can go on all sorts of adventures and lead all sorts of different lives by identifying with the lead character, that is true and fun. But to me the more important part of reading, the part that can make us a better person, is learning how other people think and getting the opportunity to build empathy.

Great minds think alike and Shannon Hale (Writer of The Goose Girl, Princess Academy, and many others) covered this subject in her blog today as well. I’ll let her speak more in detail on the subject if you want to take a look.

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