Right Brain vs. Left Brain

June 4, 2013

How many of you struggle switching gears from one side of your brain to the other? For many creative people, it is much easier to write your story, mold your clay, film your movie, than it is to keep track of the business side.

If I had my druthers, I’d have an assistant following me around all day, keeping me organized and doing all the piddle things the left brain needs to do. I’d name her Alice, like from THE BRADY BUNCH.

Howard, in his talk on writing, spoke a bit about the business side of things. Specifically, about when to hire someone out to do parts of your work. It is something anyone with a touch of entrepreneur in them should think about on a regular basis. It is a time vs. money thing. Or maybe sometimes money vs. sanity.

If you could afford to pay someone for five hours of work a week, what would you hire out?

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